Shockwave Lacrosse


Trophy Room

Shockwave U11 Lax Max Bracket Finalist 3-0 in Bracket lost to Gonzo 4-2
Shockwave 2019 Gold Lax Max Bracket Finalist 3-0 in Bracket lost to MD Wolfpack 2018 5-4 in overtime

Shockwave U13 Gold First Capital Finalist A Bracket 2-1 in Bracket lost to Chaos Royal 4-2 in Final

Shockwave 2019 Lax Max Bracket Finalist 2-1 in Bracket lost to Southwestern 7-2 in Final

Shockwave 2020 Laxapalooza U15 Champion 5-0 Defeated Chaos Royal 6-5 in Final

Shockwave 2019 Laxapalooza HS bracket Finalist 5-1 for the weekend lost to Easton in Finals 11-1

Shockwave U11 Hogans Hershey Third of 16 4-1 losing to Mad Lax 16-2 in semi finals

Shockwave U15 Indian Summer Finalist 3-0 in Pool Play lost 5-2 in Finals

Shockwave u15 Brine Fall Ball Tournament Champions, 3-0 in pool and defeated Perry Hall 7-5 in Championships 

Shockwave 2023 Fourth place. 2-1 in Pool Play lost to HOCO 4-3 in Semi's.

Shockwave High School Lax Max Bracket Finalist 3-0 in Bracket lost to Jarretsville 5-6 in Final

Shockwave High School Laxapalooza Champions 5-0 Defeated BC Bandits in Final 6-5

Shockwave 2022 Summer Slam 3rd of 25.  3-0 pool play, lost to Koopers 10-1 in semis

Shockwave 2024 2-1 in pool play at Hogans Hershey, lost to HLC in Semis 7-3, beat  MD Wolfpack 8-2 for Third Place

Shockwave 2021 2-1 in pool play at Hogans Hershey, Lost to Perry Hall 9-6 in Semis, Beat Prospects 9-3 for Third Place

Shockwave High School 3-0 in Pool Play at Hogans Hershey, Lost 6-5 in Semis, Beat Gorund Control 6-3 for Third Place

Shockwave Ladies High School Finalists at Lax Max Westminter MD

Shockwave 2019/2020 Finalists at Lax Max, 3-0 in pool play.

Shockwave 25/26 Finalists at Victory Summer Classic, Beat NJLC in Semis in Braveheart, Lost to Green Turtle in Finals

Shockwave 2022 Finalists at Lax Splash

Shockwave 23 3rd place Liberty Rising

Shockwave 21/22 Finalists at Summer Sizzle, 3-1-1 in pool play

Shockwave 21/22 Finalists at Lava Lax 4-1 in pool play

Shockwave 23 Third Place Summer Getaway 2-0-1 on pool play

Shockwave 21/22 Third Place Summer Getaway

Shockwave 23 Champions Liberty Fall Classic 3-0 Beat Hammers Elite 6-4 in Championship

Shockwave 2022 Third Place Summer Getaway. 3-1 in pool play, Lost to Barleys Backyard in Semis

Shockwave 2022 Third Place at Summer Sizzle 4-1 in pool play.  Beat Champion Philly Freedom 7-6 in pool play.  Missed Championship by decimal points

Shockwave 2023 Third Place at Summer Sizzle.  Beat DC Express for Third Place

Shockwave 2023 Nationals Champions Southeast Shootout Nashville TN Beat Team 8 7-4 in finals 4-1-1

Shockwave 24/25 Fourth Place 2-1 in pool play Lost 5-2 in Semis to True VA

Shockwave 23 Nationals Second place at Trilogy 24 Lost 9-5 to New Jersey Riot in Finals

Shockwave 2023 Nationals Third Place at Liberty National Elite 4-0 in Pool play, Lost to Harvest in Semifinals 11-5